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Size is the first and most basic form of typographic contrast.
You create contrast with Size when you make some words bigger than other words to create emphasis on the bigger words.

"A simple but dramatic contrast of size," says Dair, "provides a point to which the reader’s attention is drawn. Set in the same style of type, it maintains the exact relationship of the letter to the background. It is only a physical enlargement of the basic pattern created by the form and the weight of the type being used for the text."

In reviewing the quotation, the eye is immediately drawn to harder, right and same: Through contrast in size, you are lead to the words "Harder, Right and Same" and then remainder of the statement. But those three words sums up the entire statement. The font used for the lettering is the same, allowing the viewer to remain undistrated and permit the SIZE contrast to control and lead the eye.

What is the first thing you see on the image below?



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